Joey Bada$$ Shares The Light Pack

[youtube id=”Mito0NH56hE”] Joey Bada$$ comes back after a three-year hiatus with The Light Pack. The Brooklyn rapper is back in his creative space with three new songs; “The Light,” “No Explanation” and “Shine” which samples Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine.” He worked with directors Kerby Jean-Raymond and Levi Turner on the video for “The Light.” Jean-Raymond’s heritage with the voodoo religion are explored and Bada$$ takes part in a ceremony that he connects to rebirth and a deeper connection with his ancestors. The clip ends with him entering a police station in protest. His last album, AMERIKKKAN BADASS from 2017, is being looked at again because of the social unrest messages that are currently in line with Black Lives Matters.