Watch: Lagos-Based BANTU Share Video For Animal Carnival


[youtube id=”dgz49V9M7bA”]BANTU (Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity) is an Afrobeat group from Lagos, Nigeria. They debuted their first single “Disrupt The Programme” in April and”Animal Carnival” is the band’s satirical sophomore single. The video for their second song makes fun of a corrupt ruling class. Kaleidoscopic images of animals morphing into rats and birds are meant to signify the deception promoted by their Nigerian political leaders. The release of BANTU’s video for “Animal Carnival” is in alignment with the current unrest being felt around the world regarding the George Floyd killing. The 13-piece collective is sharing their political disillusionment with many people in the world right now who are confronting power structures with serious questions about equality. The two singles will be on the band’s debut album, Everybody Get Agenda, due to arrive in September.