Georgia Anne Muldrow Readies Jazz Album Shares This Walk & Cowrie Waltz


Georgia Anne Muldrow Credit: Priscilla Jimenez

Georgia Anne Muldrow is releasing a jazz album this summer under the name Jyoti which was given to her by Alice Coltrane. Mama, You Can Bet! is her third Jyoti album but the first one with her vocals. “The Walk” and Cowrie Waltz” are from the album and Muldrow describes them: 

“Violence can both ignite and snuff out a voice,‘The Cowrie Waltz’ is me taking some magic scalpel I found, slicing up a hard bop feel, and exposing its ribs and gut-meat to say: ‘This is where the blues is.’”

Saxophonist Lekeica Benjamin is the only guest on the album. There are two Charlie Mingus songs remixed by Muldrow that were commissioned by Jason Moran and The Kennedy Center in 2017. “Bemoanable Lady Geemix” and “Fabus Foo Geemix” were performed as part of the Muldrow Meets Mingus shows at The Kennedy Center and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Mama, You Can Bet! comes out on August 28th.