R.I.P. Ceybil Jefferies

Vocalist Ceybil Jefferies also known as Sweet Sable recently died of COVID-19. Her passing was confirmed by producer Salaam Remi on an April 10th Instagram post. Jefferies was a native of Brooklyn, New York and had success in the ’90s with the dance hits “Love So Special” and “Open Your Heart.”

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Her debut album Let Music Take Control was released in 1991. She later changed her style to a blend of R&B and hip-hop and saw her single “Old Time’s Sake” appear on the Above The Rim soundtrack.

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She was born Sybil Jefferies but changed her name multiple times so as not to be confused with “Don’t Make Me Over” singer Sybil. She continued to release music until the early 2000s. Illness stopped her from making music after she was diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis which caused her to eventually lose her vision. A fundraiser to pay her medical bills was organized by her family in 2012 and aired on Video Music Box. 


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