Hil St. Soul Returns With One Life


Hil St. Soul starts 2020 with the festive soul of “One Life.” The London-based singer delivered her fourth album, Black Rose, in 2008. Her choice to return with a joyful song was deliberate as she explains in a press release: 

“As soon as I heard the track it gave me an uplifting euphoric feeling and I wanted to write something that complimented this. I noticed that a lot of my family and friends were getting caught up in the daily routine of life at the expense of enjoying it…existing rather than living and this inspired me to write this song which is about making time to celebrate life. It’s about making the most of the time we have by creating special memories and embracing those moments.” 

Hil St. Soul’s “One Life” comes at the perfect time as the world is feeling more than its usual amount of anxiety thanks to the coronavirus. She reminds everyone to “toast up the weekend” because it is still important to appreciate the moments.