Throwback:Slum Village-Fall In Love

Slum Village’s “Fall In Love” was on the group’s second album, Fantastic Vol. 2. J.Dilla’s work as a producer was brilliant in the ’90s and Slum Village’s second album carried his creative endurance into the 2000s. His background as a drummer translated into his ability to personalize the sound of electronic drums. The kick of his boom-bap styled percussion, gospel and jazz-influenced organ and the trio’s cool unperturbed to rapping enveloped listeners into head-nodding euphoria.  “Fall In Love” felt and sounded down to earth and up in the air at the same time. Fantastic Vol. 2 was so esteemed that Slum Village was encouraged to take over where A Tribe Called Quest left off but none other than Q-Tip who also appeared on “Hold Tight”. The album continues to have a pulse with hip-hop fans 20 years after its release and 14 years after Dilla’s passing. In 2019, Young RJ, who is one-half of Slum Village’s current lineup with T3,  collaborated with The Abstract Orchestra to honor the album with new versions of the songs called Fantastic 2020 Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. 

[youtube id=”s732BigTxZk”]