Throwback: Mary J. Blige-My Life

Mary J. Blige’s “My Life” was a personal confession about her battle with the blues in the form of drugs, alcohol and a bad relationship. The title track of her 1994 breakthrough album was about transcending depression but ironically it was structured over a sample of Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine.” Blige opened-up her emotional space and fans connected even more than they did on her What’s The 411? debut two years earlier. “My Life” was more than just entertainment; it was a lifeline fans used to conquer their own struggles. The power of “My Life,” the overall emotional weight of the album plus the production finesse of Chucky Thompson and Diddy still pushes the debate over whether it is her best work. Blige’s voice had gritty wisdom that got stronger with her increasing vulnerability reflected by the fact that she co-wrote 14 of the album’s songs. These were the things that made her the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, being able to define and express the edginess of New York’s urban culture while keeping the essence of R&B. In 2019, My Life the album turned 25 and the single is still a survivor’s anthem for old fans and new ones. 

[youtube id=”ZIfPqcynsS4″]