Throwback: Aaliyah-One In A Million


Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” help re-establish her sound and image as a cool  R&B singer with a unique but edgy sound. Missy Elliott and Timbaland co-wrote “One In A Million” and the lyrics had Aaliyah singing about the rare qualities of her boyfriend. Timbaland’s stuttering beats with birds, insects and airplanes in the mix bewildered a huge part of the music establishment some of whom thought the song was “not radio-friendly.” But Timbaland’s quirky sound and Aaliyah’s sensuality added to her mystique that was also expressed by her sunglasses-wearing album cover.”One In A Million” did well on the charts and helped her second album, also titled One In A Million, not fall into the dreaded sophomore slump. The new music was an important moment of innovation and reinvention for Aaliyah. The single and the album are considered some of the most significant moments in ’90s R&B. Aaliyah’s career was cut short after she died in a plane crash in 2001 but her influence is still relevant with her name and style still receiving constant references. 

[youtube id=”VKbWF1jwMhE”]