MH The Verb Turns Affirmations Into A Sci-Fi Cartoon

[youtube id=”jbS9gA2g50w”]MH The Verb’s “Affirmations” is an animated piece inspired by science fiction. The ode to positive energy has images taken from the movies Tron and Black Panther in its electric color scheme. Director Stephen Sues explained his technique:

“I started out by digging around some sci-fi action movies for shots with interesting motion and silhouettes, especially ones that evoked Space Ninja, so I could trace them frame by frame in Photoshop. Once I traced all the layers I wanted from the shot, I was playing around on After Effects just trying to find something cool I could do with these shapes in motion, that I just isolated from the rest of the original shot. Whenever possible, I look for a way to take the clip and make it into something that loops and feels seamless.”

Chena Kovax and Drusef have guest appearances on the song that will be on MH The Verb’s upcoming Space Ninja album. The Philadelphia-based producer and rapper saw his last full-length project, Afronaut, be released in 2017. This past summer he shared the Ninja Turtle: Live From Philadelphia jam session that took place with his Arthouse95 collective.