Throwback: Trina-Da Baddest B***h

Trina’s introduction as “Da Baddest B***h” in 2000 was preceded by her popular “Nann Nigga” collaboration with Trick Daddy in 1998. Trina came from Lil’ Kim’s school of bawdy lyrics and scantily clad braggadocio. She let everyone know that she was an artist outside of her work with Trick Daddy. Trina’s rap about conquering a successful man with a sample of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” made her sound like a hip-hop superhero.  It was a strong start for her solo career and she was on her way to becoming the only woman to represent southern rap and Florida longer than any other paving the way for the City Girls. Nineteen years after its release, Trina’s “Da Baddest B***h” and its video which featured former NFL player Warren Sapp, have stood up as legendary moments in southern rap. In 2019, Trina released her sixth studio album The One. 

[youtube id=”ABZDZY5aCLY”]