Ben Williams Shares If You Hear Me From I Am A Man

Ben Williams reveals new music from his forthcoming I Am A Man with the single “If You Hear Me.” The bandleader, bassist and composer is breezy about the challenges of love with strings and a little brass. The Grammy-winning player is getting ready for the release of his third album coming out on the Rainbow Blonde Records label co-owned by José James. The album title, I Am A Man is a reference to the 1968 sanitation workers strike in Memphis, Tennesse supported by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. just days before he was murdered there at the Lorraine Motel. He says, 

 “The image of this long line of men, holding the picket signs, all saying the same thing – there’s something powerful about seeing this message over and over again,”

Williams, who is a native of Washington D.C. is currently touring Europe but will end the year in his hometown with a holiday concert at The Hamilton Live.  I Am A Man comes out on February 7th.