Throwback: RuPaul-Supermodel (You Better Work)

RuPaul’s “Supermodel (You Better Work)” was a bona fide addition to ’90s dance music and the song that introduced him to the mainstream thanks to the video being played heavily on MTV. RuPaul’s instructions for runway models combined with the “Sashay! Shantay!” chants and quotes from actress LaWanda Page made for a fun house record. No man had brought drag to the mainstream before the rise of “Supermodel (You Better Work.)” Boy George wore makeup and women’s clothes in the ’80s but still claimed a male space. RuPaul was bold for 1992 and the video showing him walking the streets in cities like New York and Detroit was an inspiring moment for the LGBTQ community. The Gold sales status of the single was one of the factors behind the success of RuPaul’s sophomore album Supermodel Of The World. This new visibility turned him into a celebrity and kick-started a long career that is still relevant with the continued achievements of his Emmy-winning TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race which is in its 11th season. RuPaul has 12 studio albums with Christmas Party from 2018 being his most recent. 

[youtube id=”4nTl4Rmf6AI”]