ANE Asks For Temporary Romance On New Song Lover For The Evening

Photo Credit: Aqua Stone Throne

ANE is looking for a fleeting romance on her new single “Lover For The Evening.” The R&B and pop vocalist saw the release of her Lonely Lovers Fantasy EP earlier this year. The New Jersey-based singer explained the creative approach behind the new single in a statement: 

“I think this new era of songwriting that I am going through is very refreshing for me because I’m willing to take more risks lyrically, emotionally, and musically. I’ve been wanting to experiment with this kind of sound for a while and I am thrilled about finally being able to incorporate it into my music. I feel evolved, fresh, confident, and more developed as an artist and this song definitely represents the start of this evolution”

Malcolm Fong produced “Lover For The Evening” and the cozy sound comes off as the type of song best performed in a small club.