Murs & The Grouch Are Thees Handz Official Video


[youtube id=”-ffuotTv3KQ”]Murs and The Grouch are working together as Thees Handz and this is the official video for the first song named after the group. The duo entertains with their bar fight adventure, goes to jail and then escapes with the help of women jailers who are fans. DJ Fresh produced “Thees Handz”  and it is the second song to be released from their new project along with “Be Nice.” Murs and The Grouch are on tour and their next date is with Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes at the Mission Ballroom in Denver, CO next week. The album comes out tomorrow (November 8th).  

                                 Thees Handz Tracklisting 

1. ‘Carpe Diem’ ft. Reverie (Prod. by The Grouch & Eligh)
2. ‘Murs N Corey’ (Prod. by DJ Rek)
3. ‘Born & Raised’ (Prod. by Eligh)
4. ‘Thees Handz’ (Prod. by DJ Fresh)
5. ‘RWTHYA’ (Prod. by The Grouch)
6. ‘Light Up The Sage’ feat. Rabbitt (Prod. by Ant of Atmosphere)
7. ‘All Day’ (Prod. by DJ Fresh)
8. ‘Bleed Out’ feat. DJ Abilities (Prod. by The Grouch)
9. ‘Be Nice’ feat. Brady Watt (Prod. by Brady Watt)
10. ‘Play Freebird’ feat. Brady Watt (Prod. by Brady Watt)