Junglepussy Debuts New Song Spiders With Video

[youtube id=”J1OqLgWtt3M”]Junglepussy debuts her new song called “Spiders” with the video. The visual is on time with Halloween because of the imagery that uses a lot of black and the webs that look like S&M gear. Junglepussy is adorned in a black leather corset with steel spikes on her neck and a ball gag mask on her face. She is ultimately the spider that she is rapping and singing about while catching her prey. Halloween is also a significant time for the video to come out because it is her birthday. Junglepussy will perform with Jacolby Satterwhite’s immersive exhibition, You’re at home at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn on November 8th and tickets can be purchased here. Junglepussy’s JP3 came out in 2018.