Throwback: Jon B.-They Don’t Know


Jon B.’s Cool Relax came two years after the success of his 1995 platinum-certified debut album Bonafide. “They Don’t Know” was promoted as the second single and it solidified Jon B.’s ability to transcend an authenticity problem as a white R&B singer. Lyrics about a misunderstood love judged by outsiders and Jon B.’s easy coolness was accepted as sincere. “They Don’t Know” had “Are You Still Down” Featuring 2Pac as its b-side and both songs were two of the highest points in Jon B.’s discography. Cool Relax would also reach the platinum distinction and “They Don’t Know” became the song that future generations would encounter to discover Jon B. In 2013, the B-Sides Collection was released and the singer’s seventh studio album Comfortable Swagg came out in 2012. 

[youtube id=”y5pD4nBabMk”]