Listen: Singer Rocky Reveals Debut Single How Will I Know

Rocky is native of Canada now based in Seoul and finding her way as an artist. “How Will I Know” is her debut single about the precariousness of love. Rocky’s sassy rasp intones about the work put into a relationship but stops long enough to remind herself that she is “the s*&%.” The song asserts a rhythm that could be called Trap-n-B as Rocky’s vocals grab inspiration from jazz. “How Will I Know” is going to be on Rocky’s forthcoming album and she released a statement about it: 

 “Love and connection are an integral part of the human experience, and we mainly learn about it through trial and error. So many of us give our precious energy to people who aren’t ready to reciprocate due to where they are on their journey. No hard feelings. Cut off dead branches. Connect with the god in you. Sing her praises. And embrace the good you’re now syncing with. That’s what this song is about. If a person is treating you like garbage, they aren’t showing you love. Let that ninja go!”

Rocky’s also recently published her first poetry book titled Blue Bird.