DMX Checks Into Rehab Once Again



The rapper DMX has been scheduled to enter rehab recently, causing him, once again to cancel multiple performances.

New York-bred rapper and actor has recently canceled many concerts and scheduled performances in order to treat his addictions. All according to a statement on social media last Saturday 12th of October, where his team explained, “In his ongoing commitment to putting family and sobriety first, DMX checked himself into a rehab facility”. Adding that he “apologizes for the canceled shows” and thanks to his audience for their continued support”.

The post came to light just 24 hours before New York’s Rolling Loud Festival line up of this Sunday was published, he was originally booked to perform there, but his name was no longer on the itinerary. He also didn’t show up last Thursday, when he was scheduled to play at the Def Jam’s 35th Anniversary event in Brooklyn.

It’s been a long year for DMX, since he got out of jail back in January 25th after a year of prison under tax evasion charges. Pretty soon after his release, he went on tour to promote the 20th anniversary of his album It’s Dark and Hell is Hot, until the current events, as it is informed by Billboard

But this is not the first time he has canceled shows and gigs in order to try and recover from his addictions. In fact, it has been a constant in his career, back in April of 2017 something similar happened as it was reported back then by Rolling Stone, DMX postponed several concerts and a few days later he got into the rehab clinic in southern California.

His team went out to say, “It is important right now that he takes some time off to focus on his health so that he can be a better father, friend, and entertainer,” DMX’s manager Pat Gallo said in a statement. “We are eternally grateful for the outpouring of concern and support that has poured in. We ask that you please keep X in your prayers as he embraces your support.”

And even further back, more precisely in 2011, he went on to TMZ to talk about his drug problems, and the rapper didn’t hesitate in stating that “Everyone was taking advantage of me with my finances, trying to put me in the direction to fail. I have 10 kids. I have to drive them in the right direction, so I let the cocaine go.”

Prior to that he has been involved in many scandals and has done time in prison on multiple occasions for cases related to drugs. The “X Gon’ Give it to Ya” hit writer has been in way too many incidents regarding different illegal substances, we can even go as far as 2000 as Entertainment Weekly reported in this old format about it, when DMX was caught speeding and in possession of Marihuana in New York.

A year later he served another sentence for driving without a license and for possession of Marijuana. Looking into DMX we found an hilarious and curious list made by Complex magazine titled “The 15 Most DMX Moments Ever”, that included the time when he impersonated a Federal Agent in the JFK Airport of New York, sirens and everything, crashing, after that the real agents searched him to find Crack cocaine and an illegal gun, back in 2004.

4 years later DMX tried to steal someone’s identity, in this case, to avoid paying quite large medical bills, in this case, a jury in Arizona ended up finding him guilty of all charges. The list goes on, but besides all the craziness of the character DMX has become now, we are talking about a hip-hop icon and a father of 10 that has gone through one hell of a roller coaster in his life, and we expect to see him endure the fight against drug addiction.

Earl Simmons, known as a DMX, was born in Mount Vernon, New York. After an abusive childhood, where he took several beatings from his mother and her multiple boyfriends, DMX spent a couple of times in jail during his teenage years. When he was free, he would roam in the streets, where he started his love for hip hop culture.

He recorded his first album in 1998 and the second one in December of the same year. After that, he launched 5 more, the last one Undisputed in 2012. DMX is also known by several NFL odds enthusiasts for his Madden NFL soundtrack songs.

We wish speedy recoveries to DMX and may his talent overcome his addictions.