Throwback: En Vogue-Don’t Let Go (Love)

En Vogue recorded “Don’t Let Go (Love)” for the Set It Off soundtrack in 1996. It had been four years since the release of their successful sophomore album Funky Divas and three since their Runaway Love EP came out. “Don’t Let Go (Love)” was used as the lead single from the soundtrack to promote the music and the movie. The group’s phenomenal performance of the song was enhanced by the epic visuals it was matched to in the movie. No one can forget En Vogue playing in the background while Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Vivica Fox and Elise Neal try to escape after a bank robbery. The song earned them the most recognition commercially speaking and provided more motivation for the recording of their third album EV3. Dawn Robinson sang lead for the last time before she left for a solo career in 1997. The video featured En Vogue performing for a group of people in New York City, unlike the movie’s Los Angeles setting. Another version of the clip had scenes from the movie and actor Mekhi Phifer as a cheating boyfriend. “Don’t Let Go (Love)” was also included on EV3’s tracklisting. The success of “Don’t Let Go (Love)” made it one of the most esteemed songs of the decade. 

En Vogue’s seventh album Electric Cafe with the three woman lineup of Cindy Herron, Terry Ellis and Rhona Bennett came out in 2018. The group’s personnel had changed over the years when original members Dawn Robinson and Maxine Jones left at different times. Bennet joined Herron and Ellis in 2004 for the Soul Flower album. In 2019, Jones and Robinson joined the other members on stage for the first time to perform a tribute to Epic Chairman/CEO Sylvia Rhone who was the City Of Hope Spirit Of Life Gala honoree. 

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