Watch Paris Strothers Of We Are KING Create With Moog Matriarch

[youtube id=”oWTZANDSsAs”]We Are KING’s lofty soul instantly creates a feeling of being lifted up in the air but still having one’s feet on the ground at the same time. Paris Strother, who is one half of the duo with her sister Amber, shares some of her creative process in the video while playing various Moog synthesizers including the Matriarch and four others. The session takes places in their Los Angeles home studio and Strothers had this to say: 

“Sonically, we often find ourselves looking for sounds and textures to recreate specific memories. Music is such a great vehicle to translate one’s personal relationship with memory into something that’s accessible to everyone.”

She creates a mood so charming that one has to wonder if she has ever considered doing an album of instrumentals. We Are KING will appear this Saturday at the Ford Theatre in Los Angeles with an orchestral ensemble.