The Hamiltones Deliver Video For Best Friend


[youtube id=”JaE_ej7ufKM”]The Hamiltones released their Watch The Ton3s EP earlier this summer and have been on the road promoting it around the country. Today they release the video for “Best Friend” and together the three of them croon on the steps of a church. The trio just appeared on Snoop Dogg’s album I Wanna Thank Me. There are concert dates at the Art of Cool Festival in Durham, North Carolina on September 29th and a Kennedy Center show in DC on December 3rd. Group member J. Vito offered an explanation for the “Best Friend” video:

“When I think about the song “Best Friend”, I think of a gangsta hard brotha crying out to his woman.  When I ain’t got nothin you still got me and I love you. This that real G’s get lonely vibe.”

Watch The Ton3s is available on all platforms.