Afriqua Shares Turner From Debut Album Colored

credit: Camille Blake

Afriqua’s “Turner” is a minimalist moment from his debut album Colored. The electronic artist says, 

” ‘Turner’ is the darkest point of the otherwise uplifting album. When I first started it in London, it transported me to a different place than any of the other joints on the record. Its sinister vibe gave it a cinematic feeling while never losing its drive. It was only a few months later when I finally stopped listening to the loop on repeat and decided to finish the track that I thought of Nat Turner, the slave who led the legendary revolt very near to my hometown of Hampton, VA. For me, the drum-line evokes both the HBCU marching bands that I grew up on back home and also the martial spirit of that moment in history. On the same tip, with Turner’s revolutionary efforts in mind, the explosiveness of the track falls apart and builds to an intense and abrupt end.”

“Turner” is sparse techno that fills the night and fits flawlessly into the dash of any car. Afriqua has taken all of his influences from funk to house in crafting his album that comes out October 4th.