Throwback: Cece Peniston-We Got A Love Thang


[youtube id=”__ugaiz323k”]Cece Peniston’s professional debut with her 1992 album Finally made her an instant dance music diva. “Finally” the single had become a hit in 1991 and Peniston became one of the rare dance artists to have creditable full-length album the following year. “We Got A Love Thang” was written by Chantay Savage, Eric Miller and Jeremiah McAllister. Peniston’s gospel delivery and Steve “Silk” Hurley’s production mixed a cheerful pop sound into house and made “We Got A Love Thang” appealing enough to register as the second hit from her album. Her voice had the substance and sass of the church but a tone palatable to pop audiences. The video had heavy rotation which was also something most dance artists did not possess. Finally had five singles, reached Gold status and Peniston took home several awards at the end of 1992 including the Billboard Music honor for Best New Artist Dance. Peniston’s Finally is a pillar of dance music worldwide beyond the ’90s scene it dominated in the United States. In 2018, Peniston released the Hot EP and is a regular live performer.