Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime (G&D) Survive Police Stop In Protect Yourself/P.A.L. Video


[youtube id=”fLa7B085rJs”]Georgia Anne Muldrow and Declaime (G&D) have a deadly police stop and come out of it with a winning hand in the video for “Protect Yourself/P.A.L.” The couple is pulled over by a trigger-happy cop and they articulate a scenario that happens too many times and create an unheard-of type ending. The tension and fear are present in the narrative but Muldrow’s vocals soothe the situation. The strength of her artistic resistance expresses something most Black people who have had this experience feel and imagine but know better than to attempt in real life. In seven and half minutes G&D retell an ugly story that has consumed Eric Garner, Oscar Grant III and so many others but the video’s ending somehow conjures hope out of their dream-like miracle. Black Love & War is out now and G&D will perform live in Brooklyn on October 25th at the BRIC Jazzfest Marathon.