Calvin Richardson Introduces Gold Dust Album With New Single Let Me Love On You

Calvin Richardson started 2019 with some uncertainty because he was in the process of recovering his voice after losing it in 2018. Thankfully the loss was temporary and he was able to move ahead with the recording of his forthcoming Gold Dust album. The first single is “Let Me Love On You” which comes directly from the experience of his own relationship. He said in a press release: 

“I found inspiration from my own relationship and the fact that everyone wants a successful relationship. The more you love on your mate, the better your relationship is going to be.

The romantic song has a classic feel and the emotional vulnerability of a man in love. Richardson was under a rare pressure when he was recording the new album because of his touring schedule, vocal healing and the time needed to finish his first book Do You Without Them. He managed to meet his musical goal within six weeks and Gold Dust will be released on October 25th.