Parliament’s Chocolate City & Up For The Down Stroke Albums Reissued


Parliament’s Up For The Down Stroke and  Chocolate City albums have been reissued by Urban Legends/UMe on vinyl. The albums were originally released in 1974 and 1975 and they marked the return of Bootsy Collins and the band’s tribute to Washington, D.C. in hopes for a Black president decades before Obama. Urban Legends has collaborated with Feedfeed and on a Chocolate City-inspired recipe video co-hosted by chef Roblé Ali and cookbook author/blogger/artist Jerrelle Guy. They honor the iconic album by sharing some desserts invoked by the album, discussing its influence on current music, themes of the African diaspora and how music elevates the cooking and dining experience. Colleen Vincent of Black Food Folks and The James Beard Foundation will join the conversation and share her perspective growing up in Brooklyn, one of many chocolate cities in America. 

Parliament’s Up For The Down Stroke is available in a limited edition red vinyl while Chocolate City has a limited edition picture disc and both are available in black vinyl.Each album was reissued today on the Urban Legends site. 

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