Media Questions Of The Week

Will Lil Nas X’s coming out change the way hip-hop views the LGBTQ community? 

Were Taylor Swift and her team really not given the opportunity to buy her masters from her former manager Scooter Braun? 

[youtube id=”ELtoBhteF14″]

Was Chris Brown being colorist when he said he only wanted the “b******* with the nice hair” in his song “Need A Stack?”

Is the music industry ignoring Nicki Minaj’s accomplishments and should she cancel her concert in Saudi Arabia as advised by The Human Rights Foundation? 

How did the city of Philadelphia overlook the capitalization of the letter ‘B’ in Patti LaBelle’s name on new street signs? 


Will The Little Mermaid be any less of a film now that African-American actress Halle Bailey has been cast as Ariel instead of someone with the red hair and pale skin look of the character in the original movie? 

How did Snoop Dogg not know that he never met Kurt Cobain despite a cleverly done photoshopped pic of them?