Cyanca Is Staying Home EP Stream


Cyanca’s neo-soul style is influenced by the ’90s all the way up to 2019. The Charlotte, North Carolina native cites Erykah Badu and Solange among her inspirations. She’s having a really good year having earned the title of Best Musician from Charlotte Magazine and now the release of her three-song EP I’m Staying Home. She says, 

“I enjoy the blissful moments with my friends but I also love laying on my couch lounging in my peaceful thoughts all by myself. Home also represents family. When I feel overwhelmed or sad I always find myself impulsively driving down I-85 to be around them. Now that I’m older I’m learning the importance of spending time with your loved ones… We have our demons but the love is unconditional no matter what. With this project I wanted to open up more to my fans and talk about my upbringing and things I experienced as a child. From skeletons in the closet and classic cartoons, to losing a mother and my accomplishments. ‘Home is where the heart is’ and I ain’t going outside for no one.”

I’m Staying Home is the sound of contentment from the self-taught drummer, piano player and producer. Cyanca just added herself to a lot of summer playlists with her intimate portrait of self.