Watch: Prince’s Posthumous Video For Manic Monday

[youtube id=”WnPX-uI7ivM”]Prince was at the highest point in his career in 1984 with the success of Purple Rain the movie and album. His creativity produced a lot of music and “Manic Monday” was one of the songs that he gave to another artist, in this case, The Bangles. His estate has released unseen archived footage of Prince and The Revolution rehearsing for the Purple Rain tour for his demo of  “Manic Monday.” Fans can see how hard Prince worked before a stage show and how well he rehearsed the band. “Manic Monday” in on the just-released Originals album which features Prince’s versions of songs before he gave them to The Time, Apollonia 6 and more. Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles is one of the artists to speak with Billboard about recording one of Prince’s songs from Originals.