Snowfall & Remembering John Singleton


[youtube id=”NvB3huWynkI”] The cast of Snowfall, family and friends remember John Singleton and share their stories of inspiration. Singleton’s passing in April left a void and legacy that will be forever felt in the world of entertainment and in the lives he touched. This clip looks inside Season 3 of the show and Singleton himself is seen talking about his life and interacting with the cast. The late filmmaker made a commitment to telling the stories that stemmed from his world as a Black man who grew up in South Central Los Angeles. People from his childhood share memories of Singleton as a child and young man and how he never forgot the neighborhood and always gave back to the people from the area with job opportunities. Each person in the video has a story about the way Singleton changed their lives for the better. Season 3 of Snowfall will premiere July 10th.