The Hamiltones: Watch The Ton3s EP Stream


The Hamiltones’ Watch The Ton3s EP is going to be one of the summer’s best as it captures the trio in their best form. Their songs about relationships are warm and relatable as member 2E says, 

“We can switch up every now and then, but this is a soul/R&B EP — feel-good music.” 

The EP comes right after the recent viral video of them covering Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” shot before their performance in the Zuri Craig stage play The Truth About Black Men co-starring Patrice Lovely and Don Brumsfield. The production is running in Chicago until June 15th. The group is scheduled to perform at Essence Music Festival on July 5th and will be on tour this summer.  J. Vito, Tony Lelo and 2E are expanding on the skills they have used working as Anthony Hamilton’s backup singers with Watch The Ton3s as a brilliant solo beginning.