Throwback: Prince: Thieves In The Temple


[youtube id=”FyfF20APPrA”]Graffiti Bridge was Prince’s fourth film and the sequel to Purple Rain. Prince returned as The Kid and his new battle with Morris Day was over ownership of Glam Slam, one of four clubs in the territory known as Seven Corners. The movie did not have the kind of excitement around it as to be expected for the followup to Purple Rain but the soundtrack proved to be another great step in his creativity. The ’80s had ended and Prince not that far away from the greatness of his 1989 Batman soundtrack. “Thieves In The Temple”‘s tranquil approach was a different sound that used a harmonica sample, Middle Eastern melodies and thunderous drums in its contemporary funk. The visage of Prince dancing in the video became synonymous with the song. “Thieves In The Temple” was a no. 1 R&B hit and a Top Ten pop song that was reintroduced in clubs after Junior Vasquez remixed it into a house music version. Herbie Hancock covered “Thieves In The Temple” The New Standard, his 1996 album of pop cover songs. Graffiti Bridge the movie did not equal the hype but fans were happy to see Prince in any circumstance The album had choice songs, excellent performances from Prince and the privilege of Mavis Staples and Tevin Campbell who also appeared in the movie.