Throwback: Avant-Read Your Mind

[youtube id=”lq3vcRpRh_g”]Avant had a warm debut when he entered the music industry in 2000 with his debut album My Thoughts. The album was the result of his 1998 independently released single “Separated” which had airplay on Chicago radio and caught the attention of Magic Johnson. Avant became the first artist signed to Magic Johnson’s Magic Johnson Music label. His version of “My First Love” with Keke Wyatt sounded like two old souls despite them being very young at the time. The mature style of his R&B attracted a loyal audience of contemporary and older fans. By the time of his third album My Thoughts, he was an established voice that some labeled “Ghetto Soul” along with artists like Jaheim. “Read Your Mind” immediately connected to his fans as it was a continuation of his grown man soul. The single had a lasting radio presence and did well on two of Billboard’s charts. In the 16 years since “Read Your Mind” was released it has entered the R&B consciousness collective as certified baby-making music and a piece of audible timeless romanticism. Singer Jacquees sampled “Read Your Mind” for his 2016 single “B.E.D.” which many consider is a cover of the song. In 2019, Avant destroyed rumors about his impending death in six months with the release of the song “Not Gone Lose.”