Junglepussy Presents Short Film: I’m In Love


[youtube id=”_ScvHI3BBRM”]Junglepussy’s “I’m In Love” uses the dating show format for a short film from her JP3 album. The Brooklyn emcee plays all the characters on the show as each woman seeks love with the same man. As usual, Junglepussy has humor in her presentation and she explains the different personas:

“In this episode of “I’m In Love” I see myself in everyone around me. I’m open to everything but I quickly build a wall when I feel like my worth is being compromised. I’m always exploring the journey from initial attraction to utter destruction, & the unraveling of our layers in between. 
I played every character to take responsibility of where I’m at in my career as an independent artist.  Sean is no stranger to my visuals (cc: Spicy 103 FM) He is a reflection of my confidence and masculinity. 
Everyone has a friend like Lisa. She wants the best for herself so she comes off intense but means well. I love Yves the most because she’s obsessed with okra and oral sex.  Ashley is all about having a moment. She gives true millennial and experienced a true millennial letdown – we don’t know romance, we just watch movies.”
Junglepussy is scheduled to perform in her native Brooklyn at the Afropunk  Festival in August.