Minority Owned Operations Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, Bakersfield, CA 7-Eleven Franchisee Association and Fresh Choice LLC Secure Cannabis Convenient Store Distribution Dea

Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals Inc., (https://www.vedicpharma.com/), an African American owned and operated naturopathy pharmaceutical company and cannabis testing laboratory, has announced a groundbreaking distribution agreement with Fresh Choice LLC convenience store distributors, and the Bakersfield, CA 7-Eleven Franchisee Association, both minority dominated operations. The agreement will encompass the sales and distribution of Drip SZN(www.dripszncbd.com/ ), Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ new line of CBD-based products.   Drip SZN will be carried in over 5000 stores throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas, to include smoke shops, liquor stores and 7-Eleven convenient stores. John Salley, NBA legend, vegan and well-renowned cannabis activist, serves as Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ COO, overseeing the logistics and operations of this landmark deal.

Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to maintaining wellness through plant-based supplements, nutrition, exercise and Pranayama (breathing). Drip SZN, their new lifestyle brand, will consist of an array of offerings including vape cartridges and lip balm sticks, all infused with or containing natural broad-spectrum, USA grown, hemp extract CBD, with zero THC. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the popular natural remedy used for many common ailments and has no psychoactive properties, unlike its counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is heralded for offering natural, alternative relief from pain and inflammation, anxiety, depression, and enhancing the quality of sleep, reducing joint pain, relieving stress and improving moods. Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ products will be domestically manufactured and are vegan-friendly, using proprietary homeopathic formulas. Drip SZN will be available in select stores in April 2019.

The Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ endeavor is a significant one and serves to tip the diversity scales within the cannabis industry. With marijuana positioned as the new gold rush trade, the issue of diversity within this multibillion-dollar industry has become a heavily debated topic. According to Marijuana Business Daily, approximately 81% of cannabis business owners or founders are non-minorities, while African Americans only represent 4 percent.  Testing laboratories, in general, have historically been non-minority owned, and cannabis testing laboratory spaces hold true to that paradigm.

Barrett LaRoda Jr. President, Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals

“This deal is significant and historic on so many levels,” explains Barrett LaRoda Jr., the 23-year-old president of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals. “As a millennial ‘gangapreneur,’ I am an advocate for testing not only THC but CBD as well to ensure that the consumer always receives a superior cannabis product. Though CBD testing is not required or regulated yet, our CBD infused Drip SZN products will adhere to our stringent standards and regulations and support the highest measures for maintaining health and wellness.”

John Salley, COO,
Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals
Cites John Salley, COO of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals. “I am involved in several cannabis ventures, but I consider my role with Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals as pivotal. As a health and wellness brand we are now able to provide healing resources to the community that are completely accessible to all. To be able to purchase a Drip SZN CBD vape pen that might ease your stress or soothe a headache, from your local convenience or liquor store, is the kind of consumer access I have been campaigning for, for years now.”
Barrett LaRoda,
chairman advisory board,
Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals

“Collectively we have found that the cannabis industry presents great business opportunities,” adds Barrett LaRodathe advisory board chairman. “However, access to information and financing has not been well promoted to people of color. We actually plan to start a division in our company for this much-needed education service.”

Principals involved in the deal include Barrett LaRoda,chairman advisory board; John Salley, COO;Yogi Solanki, chairman, Bakersfield, CA 7-Eleven Franchisee Association; Earl Bryant, chairman and CEO; Barrett LaRoda, Jr., president; Anthony Francis, CFO; Johnathan Van Beer, CEO of Under Pressure Xtractions; and Raja Mittal, chairman of Fresh Choice Distribution.

Drip SZN will also be available at the Ayurvedic Pharmacy in Pasco County in Florida, the first of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ plant-based naturopathy wellness centers. Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals has also partnered with Hollywood actress, Bai Ling to produce her line of CBD-infused beauty products, Eternal Youth Beauty Formulas and White Spirit Cosmetics. In addition, the company is planning to produce the first of its kind “N.O.P.E. National Opioid & Prescription Epidemic Risk Mitigation Conference & Expo” later this year in New Port Richie, Florida, with a focus on utilizing CBD and naturopathy products in the rehabilitation process.
For more information about Drip SZN, go to www.dripszncbd.com/ and for Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, visit https://www.vedicpharma.com.