Rahsaan Patterson Returns With Sent From Heaven


Rahsaan Patterson returns with a tsunami of soul in his latest dedication to love called “Sent From Heaven.” It is a welcome return for a career that started 35 years ago when he was a child actor on the television show Kids Incorporated. In the ’90s and early 2000s Patterson recorded 5 critically acclaimed albums and wrote songs that were recorded by Brandy and Van Hunt. It’s been eight years since the release of his last album Bleuphoria. The new song, “Sent From Heaven” is from his forthcoming Heroes & Gods scheduled for release on May 17th. Patterson shared the story behind “Sent From Heaven” in a press release:

“In creating ‘Sent From Heaven,’ I was reminded of how I have been schooled by all the greats and how grateful I am to have been schooled by them. Some songs might have a melody but how many will truly resonate with us 40 years later? As a songwriter and artist, it is important to insert that part of my creativity.”

Patterson’s sensibility in regards to making timeless music is met with “Sent From Heaven” because it already sounds like a future classic.