Neneh Cherry Releases Visual For Natural Skin Deep

Neneh Cherry’s video for “Natural Skin Deep” moves quickly with multiple scenarios directed by Crack Stevens. He explains, 

“We filmed the video with a large and beautiful cast in Beirut, Lebanon. Much of my work is community-centric, be it global or local community. It’s important that we all see ourselves reflected in art. Equally, it’s about whether our relationship with materialism is making us more apathetic to what’s going on around us? Neneh being this global icon and the name of the album being called Broken Politics lent itself to having more intent within the various themes. There is a lot going on in video truth be told, I went to see Neneh play at Village Underground and everyone whipped out their phones to film her, so much so I got asked by this guy to move because I was in the way of his phone. Seemed quite ironic that the world is right here in front of us, really 360-degree drama. Instead of communicating through screens maybe we’re all consuming it through screens.”

Cherry’s song about colonization is one statement among many from her current album Broken Politics. The people in the video aggressively focus their phones on Cherry instead of the world they live in every day. But Cherry never stops dancing and interacting with the people as her lyrics level pay tribute to the Great Sioux Nation that had their land taken by the United States because of the gold presence.