Throwback: Jamiroquai-Little L


[youtube id=”1hHSH9sJUEo”]Jamiroquai’s “Little L” was the first single from their fifth studio album A Funk Odyssey. The funk and disco styled song was another win for their catalog of dance-oriented music. Lead singer Jay Kay wrote “Little L” with late keyboardist Toby Smith wrote the song about Kay breaking up with a girlfriend because of his cocaine use. The video features Kay at the club with mirrored balls and pretty woman surrounding him. A song about the end of relationship sounded like a party and had a visual to support the festive vibe. “Little L” was another Jamiroquai song to receive a noteworthy remix for clubs. New Jersey house music veterans Blaze retooled “Little L” and stretched out the groove with handclaps, synthesizer and congas. A Funk Odyssey was another platinum album that added to Jamiroquai’s status as the third-most successful act in the U.K. during the ’90s. They released their eighth album, Automaton in 2018 and had their first United States performance in 13 years at Coachella where they were joined onstage by Snoop Dogg. 

[youtube id=”Op7s6FMSjJU”]