Throwback: The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Foxy Lady


[youtube id=”_PVjcIO4MT4″]The Jimi Hendrix Experience came from Jimi Hendrix’s years of being a supporting and session musician for others including The Isley Brothers, Little Richard, Sam Cooke and Ike and Tina Turner. Chas Chandler, who managed English rock group The Animals, took Hendrix to England to start a solo career. Hendrix, Noel Redding (bass) and Mitch Mitchell (drums) became The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Are You Experienced? was their 1967 debut album. “Foxy Lady” was rumored to be inspired by Hendrix’s Harlem girlfriend Lithofayne “Faye” Pridgon and it was all about Hendrix aggressively approaching women walking down the street although he was actually shy in his daily life. Hendrix’s sultry guitar riffs and bold vocals jolted rock audiences into full attention on the new rock trio. “Foxy Lady” fully represented Hendrix’s style that drew from R&B, blues and jazz with his individual psychedelic imprint. Are You Experienced? opened up new possibilities in music for the way Hendrix and his band finessed the blues into transcendental euphoria. The Hendrix-penned “Foxy Lady” was amongst his signature songs that became synonymous with the ’60s and one of rock’s lasting creations beyond its original time.