Snoop Dogg Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame


[youtube id=”GvpZ2mcUJWc”]Snoop Dogg received his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Monday. Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones and Jimmy Kimmel were in the crowd for the ceremony that took place in front of El Capitan Entertainment Center on Hollywood Boulevard. The rapper thanked Dr. Dre for treating him as an equal at the beginning of his career, family, friends and himself. The 25th anniversary of Snoop Dogg’s debut album Doggystyle is November 23rd. He had the most anticipated solo album from a rapper in 1993 and Doggystyle went straight to no. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Snoop Dogg’s Redemption Of A Dogg stage play with Je’Caryous Johnson will resume its tour in March 2019.