CEO and Author Modi Says “Some Women Prefer Hell” With New Book Release


Chicago -Modi, author, entrepreneur and CEO of Chicagoland’s chain of Premier Child Care Centers, is exploding on the literary scene with the absorbing and intriguing new fiction, Some Women Prefer Hell. A must-read for women who often precariously seek out ‘bad boys,’ thinking the outcome will be all good, Some Women Prefer Hell lends engaging insight into one young woman’s set of circumstances behind this preference of choice.
It has always been said that ‘some women like it hot,’ well Kana, the young teen protagonist in the sweltering ‘urban lit’ offering, Some Women Prefer Hell, is one of those women.  Some Women Prefer Hell unravels with 14-year-old Kana’s world falling apart all around her. Her mom’s recent divorce finds the family living in Flossmoor, Chicago’s upscale suburban community, with her new man, Mike. Mike epitomizes gangsta’ swag from his 6’5″ frame to his fast car lifestyle and Kana’s mom, Kim, is possessed by him. A violent argument between the two sets off a whirlwind of events that catches Kana off guard, leaving her to figure out how to navigate life’s turbulent waters on her own.  
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With her mom as her foremost role model, she acts as she has seen, and falls into the arms of her very own bad boy, 18-year-old high school senior EJ. Kana is quickly propelled into womanhood, coming to a deep understanding of owning one’s choices and dealing with the consequences. A revealing narrative and think piece told in the voice of a young teen, Some Women Prefer Hell will pull on the hearts of women young and old as the curse of “crazy love syndrome” is a universal one defying age and logic.
Budding book author Modi is following in the footsteps of her celebrity mom, Tamera Fair, an actress, on-air personality and founder of Chicago’s distinguished Premier Child Care Centers. Carrying on her mother’s legacy, she has held reign as the CEO of Premier Child Care Centers since the age of 23. As the author of the new release, Some Women Prefer Hell, Modi, now 25, is carving out her own path and claiming her own personal legend.   
A graduate of Fisk University, with a degree in English, Modi fell in love with literature. In fact, words became her lifesaver when she found herself battling a serious bout of depression. Depression can be a crippling disease, but Modi was resilient and refused to let it get the best of her. At the beckoning of her therapist, she took pen to paper and Some Women Prefer Hell was born! Her first entry into the world of urban literature, the book has already garnered her media accolades with appearances on Fox32 in Chicago as well as Chicago’s WGN-TV. 
“It was a deep heartbreak that rendered me immobile and depressed. I created Kana in “Some Women Prefer Hell” as an extension of my persona and my personal pain. Sometimes the path toward love that we choose is hell. But no one can tell us anything different until we get the lesson for ourselves,” offers Modi.  “So many women suffer from unrequited love. On the surface, yes, it may seem like we prefer hell, but our real preference is just to be loved. Kana, as a young teenager, grows into this understanding, and her life lessons were my life lessons. Hopefully, the reader can garner some teachings from her wild and crazy tale as well!”  
Modi is raising the bar for millennials everywhere. As the CEO of Chicago’s Premier Child Care Centers, the enterprising young executive stays busy overseeing four state-of-the-art locations that have served the city for over 30 years now. Educational activities incorporated into the vast curriculum include French, Japanese, Spanish, computer classes, etiquette classes and Pre-Fit (preschool gym). In addition, each classroom suite includes a computer lab, library, cafeteria, indoor playground, an on-site kitchen, and soft top outdoor playground.
Visioning a full-fledged “Modi-vational empire with the intention of inspiring her peers to keep pushing forward, no matter what love brings or doesn’t bring, Modi is planning a movie sequel to the book, additional fiction releases, and she has launched a “Some Women Prefer Hell” product line that includes lashes, hoodies and scarves.    
Some women prefer hell, but Modi knows heaven is the real answer.  Keep cool with Modi at and on Instagram at @justmodi_ and on Facebook at @Some Women Prefer Hell.