Throwback: Sisqó-Thong Song


[youtube id=”Oai1V7kaFBk”]Sisqó’s step outside Dru Hill resulted in his first solo album Unleash The Dragon, while the group was on a hiatus. The “Thong Song” took off and had the world temporarily obsessed with women’s underwear and critics asking if it was just another way to objectify them. The popularity of the song was lifted by the video that featured women in bikinis and Sisqó making gravity-defying flips. In 2018, the visual is a reminder of pop culture before the rise of body modifications. Sisqó’s blond hair and tattoos with the Michael Jackson-inspired moves were a prelude to the colorful looks of millennial pop artists. But his husky vocals were the center of the attraction and everyone wanted to sing along and repeat his phrase “Thong Thathong Thong Thong.”  Unleash The Dragon eventually went six times platinum in 2003 four years after its release. Sisqó has three solo albums and in 2017 he sang on a remake of “Thong Song” produced by JCY.