Throwback: Sting-If You Love Somebody Set Them Free


[youtube id=”LSGl3d4KOMk”] Sting released his first solo album The Dream Of Blue Turtles in 1985. It was two years after the Synchronicity album with The Police which was their last and most successful collection. He started his career outside the group with the single “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free.” The pop hit took its influence from Sting’s original muse of jazz and the critics were aware of the lineup of exceptional players that contributed to the sound. Branford Marsalis, Kenny Kirkland and Omar Hakim were some of the musicians to share their jazz backgrounds on the album. The song was the beginning of his collaborations with Marsalis which continued for his next three albums. The Godley and Creme-directed video was different and featured Sting, the band and the singers moving around like shimmering ghosts and it became one of the more memorable ones on MTV’s playlist. The Dream Of Blue Turtles presented Sting’s voice outside of The Police with a vigor that still exists in his music today. Earlier this year Sting released the reggae joint album project 44/876 with Shaggy.