Child Actor Trayce Malachi Returns in Pivotal Fox TV “STAR” Role as the Son of Transgender Character


Atlanta – At the dear ‘old’ age of eight, little actor Trayce Malachi is already a profoundly wise Hollywood star. His character range in just the short span of a couple of years rivals the roles of veterans far past his age. Television fans anxiously anticipate his return as Jayden, the son of transgender character Cotton, played by Amiyah Scott, the grandson of Carlotta, played by Queen Latifah, and the nephew of Aunt Cassie, played by Brandy, on season three of Fox’s top-rated series, STAR. However, in addition to STAR, the young actor has been busy racking up credits like candy! As the third child of three amazing thespian siblings, collectively known as #THR33T (3T), Trayce is making his mark in the industry and it’s already legendary.

#TeamTHR33T/ Left to Right:
Twin sister Tari Ayana, Trayce Malachi & twin sister Talia Symone
on the set of TV One’s “Sister Circle Live”

Trayce Malachi is the young brother of the acting twin duo, Talia Symone and Tari Ayana(Fox’s Sleepy Hollow). The eleven-year-old fraternal sisters initiated their journey as professional kid actors at the age of seven with their very first audition for roles on Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong. Their influence on their baby brother Trayce is obvious, as he caught the acting bug early on at age six. Born on December 28, the same birthdate as Denzel Washington, it’s almost as if acting was predestined for him. Managed by their single parenting mother, Ty Baker, and represented by BYSB Talent Agency, the young trio, based in Atlanta, has quickly established their presence in Hollywood.

Transgender character Cotton, played by Amiyah Scott and her son Jayden, played by Trayce Malachi on the set of “STAR”

In addition to breaking ground as the first young African American actor to play the child of a transgender person on television, Trayce’s film and television credits scale the breadth of roles as diverse as a preacher’s son to the son of an escaped slave. Trayce will make an appearance on CBS’s MacGyver, in the fifth episode of the upcoming third season, playing Calvin, who pretends to be the son of Wilt Bozer, portrayed by series regular Justin Hires. He made his major feature film debut this past April portraying Julian Pearson, son of Bishop Carlton Pearson, in the autobiographical Netflix original film, Come Sunday. Tag, the no-holds-barred comedy which hit theaters this past June, saw Trayce deliver a featured memorable moment in a crazy mall scene opposite film star, Jeremy Renner (The Avengers).

In Emperor which is slated for a 2019 release, we will find the young performer starring as Tommy Green, the son of Shields Emperor Green, played by Dayo Okeniyi(The Hunger Games), in a true story period piece that leads to the start of the Civil War while following the path of Emperor, an escaped slave. In the upcoming independent film feature, Bricked, Trayce continues to display his versatility by playing the son of a doctor portrayed by veteran actor T.C. Carson(Living Single). Trayce is also remembered as “the kid with the eyes” in the very last Toys R Us commercial and has appeared in five different short films on Nick Jr.
Ty Baker is the hardworking and proud mother of the #THR33Ts. As a single mom, she juggles managing her children’s acting schedule with her own work schedule as a high school math teacher. In addition to acting, the three siblings maintain an active extracurricular itinerary that includes martial arts, the chess club, science fairs, basketball, swimming, camping, traveling, and more.
“Trayce never fails to astound me,” Baker lovingly reveals. “He is a straight ‘A’ student and reads two grades above his grade level. I have been his main acting coach and I’m always amazed how he can learn his lines so quickly and adapt to the nuances of each role. Even when he had to learn sign language for a potential role, he did so in one day! I knew he was gifted when he started walking at nine months and then reading at two years old. He has been doing his own laundry and making his own bed since he was three and he started riding a bike for the very first time without training wheels when he turned five!”
What are Trayce’s biggest goals right now? Well in addition to hoping to be cast in Black Panther 2 and working with his idol, Denzel Washington, the astute young man hopes to book enough roles to hire a driver for his mom, so that she doesn’t have to drive him and his sisters around anymore and can enjoy riding along with them instead! He also wants to eventually start his own charitable organization that helps young boys like himself get whatever guidance, encouragement, and support they need to overcome any learning, social, or developmental challenges they may have. At the rate he is currently booking gigs, his dreams don’t seem very far off at all!
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