Throwback: KRS-One-Sound Of Da Police


[youtube id=”9ZrAYxWPN6c”]KRS-One’s Return Of The Boom Bap was his first official solo album. He produced it along with DJ Premier, Kid Capri, Showbiz and Norty Cotto. “Sound Of Da Police” was KRS-One’s critique of sadistic cops linking their psychology back to plantation overseers. His lyrics referenced three previous generations of men in his family having deadly experiences with the police. By the time “Sound Of Da Police” was released as a single the infamous Rodney King police beating had become national news two years earlier. The video featured various scenes of police officers abusing their power with citizens beside KRS-One’s lone figure rapping into the camera. His first official step outside of Boogie Down Productions resulted in another important hip-hop album within his catalog. “Sound Of Da Police” still has the unfortunate task of being relevant in 2018, 25 years after it was released. KRS-One released his 13th solo album The World Is Mind in 2017.