Five Alarm Funk Links With Bootsy Collins On We Play The Funk


[youtube id=”hSxAcm0pdGg”]Five Alarm Funk made a dream come true by having Bootsy Collins on the single “We Play The Funk” and appearing in the video. The Canadian funk band has been grinding away for 15 years and “We Play The Funk” is from the Boots & Wheels EP. Tayo Branston who is the drummer and vocalist for the band says, 

“Bootsy’s the captain of funk, so for us to hop on board with him, man, it’s such a pleasure and such an honor and an inspiration”

Collins is also a fan of Five Alarm Funk and he took their song “Capital City” and remade it in his own design. The band’s latest album, Sweat, from 2017 garnered them a Juno nomination. The recognition has boosted their tour schedule and they will perform at a variety of festivals and venues in Canada and the United States.