RAMMELLZEE: It’s Not Who But What (Documentary)


[youtube id=”PjAfVHSeIvY”] New York graffiti artist, philosopher and hip-hop pioneer Rammellzee is explored in a new documentary from director Oscar Boyson. Red Bull Arts New York debuted the film today at the end of their month-long music festival. Rammellzee created Gothic Futurism which was his beliefs about the evolution of language. His “Beat Bop” single influenced vocal styles in hip-hop and had original artwork from his friend Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Rammellzee’s loved colors and was known for his painting and the masks and costumes he wore during a performance.  Jim Jarmusch gave him a spot in Stranger Than Paradise giving him his only film appearance. RAMMELLZEE: It’s Not Who But What was featured as part of Red Bull’s Racing For Thunder exhibition featuring his work. The festival opened with a musical tribute to Rammellzee called If This Knowledge Scares You, The Equation Is Working. The nine-minute documentary interviews people who knew and worked with Rammellzee and they share their memories of him.