Philly Fusion Duo Trap Rabbit Shares Video For Empress


[youtube id=”Aay_HERq0uw”]Philadelphia fusion duo Trap Rabbit drop the video for their single “Empress.” Drummer Arjun Dube and keyboardist Logan Roth are members of the ArtHouse95 production collective and they just released their Empress EP. MH The Verb and Bob Sweeney directed the video that is inspired by the power struggles of Empress Wu Zeitan. Roth explained the EP in a press release: 

We tried our best to capture what it feels like to come to a Trap Rabbit show. Arjun was doing some session work for a local rock band when he caught the attention of producer/engineer, Eric Bazilian. He invited us to his studio, where we recorded each song live over four nights, then added solos from Bazilian (guitar) and New York-based woodwind instrumentalist, Max Zooi (bass clarinet).” 

The duo sought to express the terror of Empress Wu Zeitan’s rulership that included murdering her own children for power with the eerie arrangement of the single.