Emaé Drops New Single Away From Here Before Her Debut Album Release


Scottish singer emaé returns with “Away From Here”  before the June release of her debut album Old Heart. emaé emerged with her acoustic polished pop three years with the song “Something Beautiful.” She garnered international critical acclaim for her first single and the Imperfect Words EP followed in 2016. “Away From Here” is about taking a once in a lifetime journey as she explains: 

“For me, ‘Away From Here’ is a reminder to keep on keeping on. It was one of my favorite songs to record on the album because for the longest time, we struggled on the production. It wasn’t right. Then one night it all just fell into place and felt perfect. And that’s what the song is about—being on that road and staying on it till you find what you’re looking for because you know it’s out there.”

Watch the lyric video for “Away From Here” [youtube id=”VtezWubgJzY”]