Throwback: Vanessa Williams-The Comfort Zone


[youtube id=”NByBW3tId0I”]“The Comfort Zone” was the second single from Vanessa Williams’ second album of the same title. Williams’s style was a combination of R&B, pop and hip-hop elements that blended into the mix of the whole album. “The Comfort Zone” single was mature and sexy and one of Williams’s most inspired moments as a singer. “Save The Best For Last” was the number one pop-oriented hit from the collection but “The Comfort Zone” sounded more like her natural artistic self. Frankie Knuckles remixed the song for club rotation and it became another addition to her dance music repertoire that had a life of its own. The video was one of the best displays of a glamorous Black woman in the ’90s. The Comfort Zone album was a platinum success and sealed in Williams’s stature as one of the more underrated women singers of the time period.